Thursday, December 3, 2009


A poem written by an adult with Asperger's was shared with me. It follows:

i have built and live in all around me
a castle made of glass for all to see
it reflects the sun in a dazzling way
so as to keep the intruders at bay

it stands atop a verdant hill
away from where the villagers mill
its clean fa├žade a temple makes
for clean efficient infallible grace

its prism walls do split the light
till rainbows do my soul ignite
i sit at my window and i see
how the others live away from of me

they live, laugh, cry, work, love, hate and die
while i first count the clouds, then stars in the sky
and though their homes sink and sag and then fall
my castle stands silent immovable through all
its construction is clockwork, its lines perfect clean
no fault can be found in its faces seen

i tell no one the castle is cold in the night
that its rooms are empty, its windows sealed tight
its walls are clean but cannot hold fast
and they give scant protection when stones are cast
and when the clocks strike midnight, morning, noon
it is only me in my still quiet room
and the castle i built for silent safety
is locked by the one with no key, no key



  1. Oh this is gorgeous. I am forwarding it to my husband. I wonder if he will see himself in it the way I see him in it. Love this post. Thank you. Ellen

  2. i like how this poem changes tone - the first part is the aspie defense, the second last part is like the soft underbelly. it resonates for me because i feel like my castle is so convincing that even i feel convined by it. life seems too messy without a fortress to hide in.

  3. Nice poem - a little dramatic though. I would choose a cold castle over a crumbling hut in the village any day. No offense. Art

  4. My apologies, but the use of all caps is extremely annoying.

    I like the content and prose though.

  5. My apologies, but the use of all caps is extremely annoying.

    I like the content and prose though.

  6. I've recently discovered that a lot of asperger traits fit in exactly with what experiences I've had while growing up - reading this poem brought it all home, especially with its similarity to a drawing I made myself in an effort to express how I felt when I was going through a particularly tough time: it is of myself being closed in a glass bottle looking out at the rest of society that lay just outside it yet no one noticed me, while the natural world with which I feel the most connection could be seen just beyond it.

    Thank you for your research and insight - it is the most useful information I've found so far in trying to understand a big part of who I am :)

    (from a 23 year old female)

  7. Reminded me of this