Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art and Asperger's

McNall Mason is the mom of a great 7 year old kid with AS. They are working on an amazing art collaboration, and their work will be featured in the DubSea Coffee Shop in West Seattle. The opening is on September 18.

Their ultimate goal is to open an art studio and gallery space for aspie kids in the Olympia area. A portion of their sales will go this end.

Take a look at their work. Whimsical, fun - a sample of the great aspie mind at work!


Anonymous said...

This art is soooo cute. Gives me hope for my little aspie - I never thought of doing art together!! Thanks. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this. We will try to be at the opening.

Corina T.

Unknown said...

I never thought about the pressure thing to help. I mean I always start squeezing my hands together and toes and tensing and when I feel like im going to crash I go sit on my bf wherever he is cause I thought it was just the touch that helps me but it never fully alleviates it. Maybe the pressure will do better. thank you for giving me this idea.